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Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

From birth, a child’s brain develops in predictable ways that are incredibly responsive to their environment, as well as intellectual and sensory stimulation.

During their early years, children will learn naturally, given the right environment, encouragement and opportunity. At Smart Children, our infant classroom provides the loving and nurturing environment to help your baby achieve their full potential.

Our low child-to-teacher ratio provides us the opportunity to bond with your child during everyday activities, which ensure your child development and social needs.

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Nurturing relationships

Intellectual, emotional, and social development are interconnected. Brain development is optimized when children feel loved, safe, and secure. Along with basic baby care, our teachers provide love and attention to each baby in their care; with our low child-to-teacher ratio your child receives the special attention that she/he deserves. Closely nurtured babies develop neurological capabilities that increase their chance of long-term health and happiness. At Smart Children, all parents are welcome at any time to come see their baby in the infant room and a private area is dedicated to breastfeeding mothers, if they wish to have some privacy.

Motor skills

Our baby-friendly environment makes it easier for them to explore and to allow them as much freedom of movement and choice in their activities as possible. Mirrors, bars and age appropriate toys are in reach of the child and promote the desire to stand and walk. Physical activity boosts the production of cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain with a key role in memory and learning. 

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Language development

Decades of research suggest that introducing babies to a second language before they are 6 months old helps shape the brain at its most flexible stage. Babies are constantly absorbing sounds they hear. The more sounds they are exposed to before they can actually talk, the easier they will find it to mimic the native accents of other languages. This also enables them to learn additional languages more easily as they get older. Our teachers will read, sing and talk in English, Spanish and French to your baby. It is an opportunity to increase your child's brain power and learning another language enhances a child’s overall speech development. Research suggests babies and young children grow new brain cells to process the particular languages they are exposed to.

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