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Pre-K 1 (3 to 4 years)

Pre-K 2 (4 to 5 years)

Optimal education requires optimal surroundings. Grounded in core principles of order, respect, and freedom within limits, Montessori environments are intentionally designed to foster concentration, collaboration and community. The equipment in our Montessori inspired schools is attractive, the right size for small hands, and designed as a complete task, so children have the satisfaction of seeing the results of their work.

Our curriculum will give your child the skills necessary to make a smooth transition into kindergarten but also the foundation of self-confident, successful and respectful adults who are happy and fulfilled in their lives.

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Montessori classroom

Success in school is directly tied to the degree to which children believe they are capable, independent human beings. When children develop a meaningful degree of independence, they set a pattern for a lifetime of good work habits, self-discipline, and sense of responsibility. Children will be given more responsibility and jobs in this classroom.
In our Montessori classroom there are some rules about behavior and tidiness but beyond that, children are free to choose whatever activity they wish and to work with it for as long as they want (in the limits of the schedule of course). They are free to move about and work alone or with others at will. Much of the time children select work that captures their interest, although teachers help them choose activities that will present new challenges and new areas of inquiry. When they are finish with an activity, children are expected to put materials back where they belong. Children are taught to manage their own community, as they develop independence and strong leadership skills.

Individual Appropriateness

Each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth, as well as an individual personality, learning style, and family background. Both our curriculum and teacher’ interactions with the children are responsive to those individual differences, and focus daily on the skills in which your child expresses interest.
Learning in young children is the result of interaction between the child’s thoughts and experiences with supportive materials, ideas, and people.

With our low child-to-teacher ratio your child receives the special attention that she/he deserves.

Best Montessori pre-k school Smart Children Little School

Developmentally appropriate practices

Children learn by doing. Through active involvement with their environment, children attempt to make sense of the world around them. They learn by exploring their environment through hands-on experience. Teaching young children is a creative process. Smart Children primary teaching goal is to help young children use the environment productively and see themselves as capable learners. They will acquire the skills and abilities needed for a lifetime of learning through carefully planned, developmentally appropriate activities arranged by our teachers.
When a learning environment encourages exploration and discovery, children develop a sense of trust and belonging. They feel important and valued when others listen to them, seek out their ideas, and allow them to express themselves. This type of environment is considered hands-on or learning through play. Children in our classrooms are encouraged to discover things on their own. They learn by exploring the actual objects we talk about. The teachers inspire the children by asking open ended questions and finding new ways to teach new things within the subject area.

Academic Skills

Montessori Mathematics and Science Academic Skills Smart Children Little School

Mathematics and sciences

Through games involving numbers, shapes, colors, but also through different sensory activities and learning game about nature and the environment, such as gardening, for example, to understand that plants come from seeds and that they need water to grow. 

Montessori Communicaton Academic Skills PreK Smart Chilren Little School


Through story telling, songs and poems, and through games that teach good manners, grace and courtesy, and also to listen and follow two-step directions or more...

Learning how to read and write in preparation for kindergarten Acadeic Skills Smart Chidren Little School Montessori

Reading and writing

Children will learn to recognize and write their name, learn the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet and the letter represented by each sound. We play games to develop pencil control. We will teach preschoolers reading and writing to prepare them for school.

Foreign languages French Mandarin Spanish speaking teachers academic skills Smart Children Little School

Foreign languages

Though English is the first language spoken in each classroom, your child will be exposed to French and Spanish through songs, stories and games. It’s an opportunity to increase your child’s brain power, as learning another language enhances a child’s overall speech development.

Diversit and Culture Pre schoolers Best Daycare Houston Smart Children Little School

Culture and diversity

At Smart Children, we put a lot emphasis in cultivating respect and acceptance, through different activities where children are learning about the world and its diverse cultures.

Montessori program for preschooler preK Best school in Houston Smart Children Little School

Art and music

At Smart Children we propose painting, drawing, and crafts activities to encourage your children’s creativity, as well as musical games to teach how to recognize instruments, dancing activities and development of pitch, rhythm and melody.

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